Final Project – UFOria


Executive Summary

For our final project, my team created UFOria, an immersive environment which uses the narrative of an alien abduction to guide the player through a story. For this project, the biggest challenge was getting scripting to work and making sure all the interactions and triggers worked together smoothly. I worked on creating the concept and building the game in unity. I spent a lot of time modeling and animating certain elements, such as the UFO, the house, barn, and a few other props and set pieces. Other props and environment pieces were found for free on the internet, and then placed into our scene.


Sound also plays a huge role in creating  our various environments. Each of our unique settings has its own sounds and ambient noises, with as many as 8 different sound sources in each level. This helps the player become more immersed, and they feel as if they are in the space. Sounds were mainly sourced from, and some were taken from open source game sound libraries.



We wanted to provide a bite-sized narrative that didn’t take too much time to finish, but still gave the player a sense of accomplishment at the end. We feel like we met this goal and we are very happy with the overall quality and polish we gave to our final project.


Personal Project – QWERT’s Quest

Click here to play QWERT’s Quest (requires unity)

While I was bored on reading break I decided to test my coding skills with unity to create some game-like logic to use in later projects. For this, I decided to take inspiration from a game I had played as a kid called Chip’s Challenge.


The basic premise of the game was to solve puzzles and collect computer chips to compete each level. The first few levels had some fairly simple logic. I wanted to see if I could take this logic and recreate it in a 3D space in Unity.


Once I was able to grasp the logic and code that Unity was using, it made it a bit easier to get all the behaviors I wanted, including collecting keys and opening locks.


I was also able to add in some simple physics, allowing the player to push a block into the water so that they could jump across the gap. There were also enemies with colliders attached to them; if you bump into them, you will restart the level.


In the last level, there is a section where you need to equip special boots in order to walk across hazardous surfaces. Scripting this seemed intimidating at first, but after I broke it down, I was able to get the logic to work as intended.

Overall, I think this project did a good job of getting me prepared for the kind of interaction I wanted with my final project.

Assignment 3 – Unity Advanced

For assignment 3, I helped design the beginning of our environment. For the “structure” requirement, I thought of a castle. It is surrounded by a moat and a drawbridge.


This part of the level includes two animations, one of which is the red switch, which fades in and out. The second is the drawbridge, which is lowered by triggering the fading red button. For the projectile, I decided to use spears because they are awesome. Learning how to do the projectiles was a bit tricky at fist, but after some fine tuning, I was able to get it to work.

There is also a sound zone by the water, and an ambient audio source of birds chirping. Learning how to incorporate sounds and music into my environments really helped make my space a lot more immersive.



Adding the push physics to an object was something that I had tried before when I was messing around in Unity, but it was still able to learn a lot from this assignment in regards to rigid bodies. When I added a rigid body to both the cube and the spear, I could hit the cube and move it that way too.


Assignment 2 – Unity Intermediate

For Assignment 2, we wanted to create a virtual cemetery. This let us give the environment some personality and it also let us have some fun while learning new things about Unity.Image

The most complicated part of the scene was learning how to create a trigger to begin an animation using a script. One of the gravestones is surrounded by candles, and also has an invisible cube which acts as a trigger.Image

When the player makes contact with the trigger, a section of the fence moves down, and allows the player to pass through. The player can activate the trigger again to move the fence back up.Image

Here is the code used to control the animation of the fence.Image

Here’s the overall view of the scene.Image

Assignment 1 – Unity Basics

For Assignment 1, I created a basic scene with Unity. At the time, Unity was very new to me, so I was still learning the basics.


Although the content was basic, this showed me how easy it was to craft virtual worlds and interactive stories.


Hello World!

This is my first post on my IAT 445 portfolio. I will be filling this site with lots of cool stuff over the course of the semester.